Be kind, always. ❤️

This is something that I felt very strongly to share. That I know someone will be able to relate to. If you are the type of person who is always giving, always putting others first, and always being too kind or too forgiving to the point where lately you're starting to question if you're doing the right thing? If you should just stop, If you should give up and just be like everyone else since no one seems to really care anyway? Please don't, please continue to be the light and continue to be you. For the last year I have been battling with this as well, especially in recent months. However, I stumbled upon a quote the other day, it was a post I had shared 2 years ago that came up in my memories. It said "Whatever you do, don't let the evil that's inside of others destroy the love that's inside of you." And that hit deep. It was interesting to think I shared that 2 years ago not knowing how much I would need to be reminded of that, right now. This world needs more love, more kindness and more understanding. Continue to be true to yourself, choose joy and love even if it doesn't seem to be given back right away, it will in time. Established boundaries for those that do take advantage or cause anguish in your life. Step away and love from a distance if need be, but do not stop being who you are. It will be hard days where you are so upset or so angry. It's ok to allow yourself to feel those feelings but do not dwell there, do not let it consume you. Brush yourself off and continue moving forward. I promise you at the end of the day, you will feel a lot more fulfilled being genuine and true to yourself than the person who is spreading hate and negativity. 

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