How to make a DIY Snowy Mason Jar for Christmas!

How to make a DIY Snowy Mason Jar for Christmas!
Materials you'll need:
32 oz mason jar 
Mod Podge (matte or glossy is fine)
A foam brush or a paintbrush
Fine White Glitter (Chunky Clear Glitter can be added also but optional)
Fairy lights with a thin battery pack 

  • Prepare your workspace: Cover your work area with newspaper or a disposable tablecloth to catch any glitter and make cleanup easier.
  • Paint inside of mason jar with mod podge until completely covered in a even, thin layer (try not to be too heavy as it may not dry clear)

  • Once inside is coated in mod podge, pour fine white glitter into the jar and spin slowly around on it's side coating all of the mod podge within the jar. You can then add the chunky clear glitter as well if you like!

  • Allow to dry for a few hours (Mod podge will be clear once it dries fully) Once dry, carefully place the fairy lights inside the mason jar, making sure the battery pack sits at the bottom of the jar. The lights should be evenly distributed.

  • For an extra warm and cozy touch, add a buffalo plaid ribbon or twine around the rim and tie into a bow shape to complete the look!
It's now complete and ready for you to enjoy! You can use it as a decorative piece or even as a unique lighting source for a cozy atmosphere!
If you'd like to watch my video on YouTube, here is the link! ❤
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