Finding the balance: Business/Motherhood

Finding the balance between work, kids and your brand new business seems impossible right? Being a mom is definitely a big enough job all in itself. So to also maintain a career, your marriage, upkeep a house and chasing your dreams to own a business is overwhelming to say the least. I always say there just isn't enough time in the day! At the same time, some days I am so thankful the day is over and I can lay down and get some much needed sleep!

So how do you do it? If you work a fulltime job, obviously you can't alter this schedule but everything after you clock out, you're in control of...for the most part (as I'm telling my 3 year old to get back in bed for the 5th time LOL) So you see what you can change and you make a plan. If you just started your business or thinking about finally taking the leap, it can be easy to get sucked up into it. You have all these ideas, all these things you want to create, things you need to research and just need some time to yourself to take it all in. Next thing you know, you've spent all this time focused on your business while everything else is falling behind. Then it happens you feel completely overwhelmed, to the point where you're considering giving up. That seems be the easiest option right? I have totally been there, more than once but you cannot give in, you have to push on. It's easier said than done but don't let the hard times discourage you, turn that passion into your profession!

One thing is for sure, this is a big learning process. There will always be new things to learn, new techniques to improve efficiency and so on. I'm working to perfect it as I go (youtube tutorials are where it's at!) You just have to pace yourself and take it day by day!

These are a few tips I find helpful and how I've managed to keep everything afloat so far.

Work all day, cook dinner, kids bedtime routine, time for yourself and with your love and get a good nights sleep - Syke! Maybe for a normal person
Mine was a little more chaotic, we just winged it most days. This is the first thing I had to change. While nothing will ever go "as planned" you just keep a general one to follow best you can. Maybe try dedicating certain nights to your business, certain nights for family time and so. Or if you'd rather play by ear - The nights the kids go to sleep on time, dedicate an hour or two to your household duties or time with you husband. Then the remaining portion of the night work on your business. If you're an early bird, set your alarm before the kids will wake up and use that window of time to drink your coffee and work on your business in peace.

Anything to make your day go smoother and easier. Find some good slow cooker recipes and set them to cook during the day so dinner will be taken care of. Complete at least one task every evening - whether it's laundry, picking up around the house, the dishes etc. so that it doesn't build up on you.

If you have small kids like me, getting anything done with them can be pretty close to impossible. My husband usually steps in and watches the boys or will take care of dinner and bedtime so I can focus solely on getting orders filled. When he's working, my dad usually comes by and takes the kids off my hands for a few hours. I use anytime I can get like this to my advantage best I can. If you have a decent support system even if it's just 1 or 2 people like me, ask for help!

If you significant other is starting to feel left out or pushed to the side, include them. Ask for their opinions on things with your business or talk to them about exciting new things you've discovered. Keep them in the loop as much as they want to be so even when you're working, you can still get some quality time in together.

The one major tip I have to give is understand that somethings are just not gonna get done! As much as you want to be supermom you can't do it all. Somedays you just have to let it be. Whether it's the house, a break from your business, stressing over the home cooked meal (cereal or ham sandwiches for dinner never hurt anyone!) You have to let it be and accept things for how they are. Don't let the stress of it all consume you, you can do this!! Each day is a new beginning, take a breath and start again!

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I loved everything about this blog! Especially the Let your partner be involved portion!!

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